What is HR2152?

Not many people know about HR2152 and as a bail bond company we believe it is our duty to inform our friends, family, and customers of how it important it is that it passes.

In summary, many individuals that are currently convicted of either repeat crimes or violent crimes are being released with tax-payer money before their trial. The court is in reality issuing a bail bond that is paid with tax payer money. This is dangerous because there is no collateral holding these individuals to their promise of returning to court for their trial. This current status quo allows convicted offenders to skip out on their trial and stay on the run rather than facing justice. If you care about justice and wish to see the people pay for their crimes, then please read the full Press Release below from Professional Bail Agents of the United States President Beth Chapman and tell your local representative that you are in favor of this bill and wish to see it passed.

Dear Colleagues:

I stressed the importance last week of contacting the U.S. Representatives on the House Judiciary Committee to urge them to co-sponsor HR 2152, the Citizens’ Right to Know Act. It is imperative for those in the bail industry to contact the Representatives in your respective states and urge them to support this legislation. We are at a very critical stage in this process and must prevail in getting co-sponsors and wide-ranging support for the bill from all House Judiciary Committee members.

HR 2152 will require taxpayer-funded pretrial release agencies funded by the Department of Justice to report on key criteria for those who participate in their programs. This criteria includes:
Criminal history, including previous charges file
Previous failures to appear
Previous and current non-compliance infractions
These programs currently are not required to provide this information. Without this legislation, policymakers and taxpayers have no ability to determine the effectiveness of taxpayer-funded pretrial release programs. Without such data, federally funded pretrial release programs lack sufficient accountability to taxpayers. This lack of accountability has allowed many repeat and violent offenders to get out of jail on our tax dollars! Taxpayers deserve to know if their limited resources are being spent wisely and their communities are being protected. 

Once again, the House Judiciary Committee members are listed below. Please call them today and ask for their support and co-sponsorship.

 Representative Martha Roby (2nd District): 202-225-2901
 Representative Darrell Issa (49th District): 202-225-3906
Representative Ken Buck (4th District): 202-225-4676
Representative Matt Gaetz (1st District): 202-225-4136
Representative Ron DeSantis (6th District): 202-225-2706
 Representative Doug Collins (9th District): 202-225-9893
 Representative Steve King (4th District): 202-225-4426
 Representative Steve Chabot (1st District): 202-225-2216
 Representative Tom Marino (10th District): 202-225-3731
South Carolina
 Representative Trey Gowdy (4th District): 202-225-6030
Texas Representative Blake Farenthold (27th District): 202-225-7742
Representative John Ratcliffe (4th District): 202-225-6673
Representative Jim Sensenbrenner (5th District): 202-225-5101

Passage of H.R. 2152 will provide greater transparency for pretrial programs, greater accountability for the use of taxpayer funds and increased public safety for our communities. Passage of HR 2152 could stop the “bail reform” movement in its tracks.

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