Why staying in jail instead of paying bond is not a great option

Why staying in jail instead of paying bond is not a great option 1

Most people do not have the resources to pay the entirety of a bond upfront. This is usually by design with the courts so that there is enough deterrent to stop a defendant from fleeing. However, because of this, some people may opt to stay in jail while awaiting their court date. This is unfortunately not a really good option for many reasons. Here are some of the main ones.

Hard to stay employed

If you are employed, most likely if you become available for potentially months, that employer will be forced to replace you. While it may be more reasonable to miss a couple days while awaiting bond, it is an entirely different story to be gone in what could be weeks or even months. This can also being doing a disservice to your case because consistent employment is something a judge may look at when deciding on sentencing.

Difficult to work with lawyers

All phone calls and visits are recorded in jail facilities and any information obtained can and will be used against you in court. This makes things very stressful and difficult when it comes to being completely open and honest with your defense lawyer for fear of misunderstandings or giving prosecutors extra leverage. This is why many do not do too much strategizing until after they are bonded out so they can meet with their lawyers at their offices or in their homes.

Higher risk of illness

During the pandemic, there has been countless outbreaks that have occurred in jail and prison facilities and even with extra precautions, just because it is such a large group in close proximity, there is always going to be the risk of infection and not just with Covid. By staying in jail, this is always going to increase the risk of getting sick and also spreading it loved ones during visitations as well.

You may not have to stay in jail even if you don’t have a lot resources

What many defendants don’t realize is that even if you don’t have a lot of resources right now, there are several option available to still get you out. Bail bond agents are there for the majority of people who don’t have the money to pay the entirety of a bond and so they are able to work with people and get them out with only a small fraction of the actual bond cost. (This is around 10% but varied from state-to-state.) In addition to this, there are options even for this amount that can be done with cash, collateral or even payment plans if need be. Nobody who gets offered bond should be forced to wait in jail just because they can’t afford to leave  which is why most bail bond agencies will work with you or even family member do to everything possible to get you out.

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