Why skipping out on bail is a bad idea

There may be the temptation to flee from the law or not return to court when someone has been released from jail on bail.  But, skipping out on bail is never going to be a good idea.  There are many significant drawbacks and penalties that that are assessed when someone does not return to court, and they may affect and family members of the accused. Below are just a few of the major reasons why you should not try to run if you are out on bail

Loss of Bail in the Future

The first reason that you should not try to run out on bail is that the chances of you ever receiving bail again are close to zero.  Being a flight risk is a major factor that a judge will consider when deciding whether or not to offer bail to someone.  If you ran out on bail in the past, then it is likely that a judge will just deny you outright.  Bail is considered a privilege and running looks poor in the eyes of the judge. This isn’t the only thing bad that happens if someone runs.

Loss of Collateral and Cash

The next reason that skipping out on bail is a bad idea is that any collateral or cash that was used for bail is considered forfeit.  If someone put up a cash bond themselves, put a house or car down as collateral, or used a bail bonds agent, those assets are lost in the case that someone does not return to court after being let out on bail.  This is where the consequences of skipping on bail start to affect other people beyond the accused. 

Co-Signer Will Be Held Responsible

Another huge reason that skipping out on bail is a terrible thing to do is that anyone who acts as a Co-signer will be held financially responsible.  This means that if someone runs while out of bail from a bail bonds agent, then the co-signer is responsible for any costs that the agent incurs in recovering the accused and their collateral.  If they have to hire a bounty hunter to recover the person and then go to court to recover their collateral assets, the co-signer is going to be responsible for those costs.  This is a major financial burden for someone who co-signs for someone who runs while on bail

Warrant for Arrest

A final consequence of running out on bail is that the judge will immediately issue a warrant for the accused arrest.  Once someone fails to appear at their court dates while released on jail, a judge will issue a warrant and police will actively search for the person who ran.  When the person is then again brought before the judge on these new charges, the fact that they ran is brought into account as stated above, now the chances for being released ever again are zero.

As illustrated above, there are several major consequences to skipping out on bail once released from jail. If you have any questions about this or anything else regarding bail bonds in Modesto, feel free to get in touch!


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