What to look for when finding a bail bondsman

What to look for when finding a bail bondsman 1

The need for a bail bondsman will always feel urgent during the time when they are needed so it makes complete sense that one would pick the first person they find on Google but it may be in someone’s best interest to ask these simple questions first and shop around for even a couple minutes to make sure they are getting a legitimate and ethical bail bondsman who will work with their needs. Here are some questions to keep in mind.

Are they licensed?

Every bail bondsman is required to pass certain tests and to become licensed in the state they reside and operate in. This means an easy way to make sure that a bail bondsman is legitimate is to ask to see their license. If they are in fact licensed, there should be no problem with them showing you.

What are their fees?

Bail bond fee rates are mandated by each state and while it is around the same (10%) it can vary by a percent or two up or down. This means that bail bondsman can only charge this much so when a bail bondsman offers you a great discount or on the opposite end, charges an astronomical amount then are working outside the law and should be moved away from.

How close are they to the jail?

When choosing a bail bond company, it is very beneficial to find one that is located close to the actual detainment facility. This is because paperwork that is required for release must be turned in directly to the jail so the closer the bail bondsman is, the faster the loved one can be released and better understanding how the certain count system within the county works.

What payment options do they have?

While it is a given that all bail bond companies will accept the typical forms of payment such as all major credit cards and cash but it gets a little more complicated though not impossible when it comes to finding alternative forms of payment for those who do not have cash on hard. One way that is common is collateral where property can be used to endure the defendant comes to their scheduled hearing and some bail bond companies may even offer payment plans for those who can’t come up with the whole amount of the premium on the spot. The key to take in mind is that even if you don’t have all the money at the moment, most bail bonds companies have ways to still help get your loved one released.

Do they have good reviews?

There is a reason that most people now shop by what products have best reviews before any other method. This is no different for bail bondsman and when a company has consistently bad reviews, it can spell trouble for whatever experience you may have with them. Reviews give customers the opportunity to learn from other’s experiences and it is invaluable so always at least try to take a quick glance at reviews before making a choice.

In the end, it is completely understandable during a time of crisis to try and find a solution as quickly as possible asking these points can end up saving yourself money and headaches.


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