What to do when being pulled over

What to do when being pulled over 1

The last thing anyone thinks about when driving is getting pulled over by law enforcement but it is, unfortunately, an occurrence that will happen to most at some point or other during the course of their driving career. While it can seem a bit scary especially if you have never dealt with it before with these tips it will all hopefully be a non-issue and you will just go about your day.

Remain seated in your vehicle

When getting pulled over and an officer arrives at your vehicle it is important to just start out staying seated unless other directives are given to you by the officer. By doing this you are keeping both you and the officer safe without any misunderstandings or possible feelings of imminent danger on either side.

Let the officer know when you make specific movements

To make sure that the officer does not take you to reach for your wallet as you reaching for a weapon it may be best to politely announce that you are just reaching for your wallet and do so slowly and deliberately.

Maintain a respectful tone

It’s entirely understandable why a situation like this would frustrate you but it really does no one any favors in taking it out on the officer. It is best to just stay calm and composed so that you can go about your day and who knows, they may even appreciate it enough to let you off with a warning!

Stand your ground if need be

While it is important to be polite and respectful and it is in your own best interest to follow instructions, it is also of benefit to know your rights in this type of situation. While an officer asking for a license and registration is perfectly normal and should be done, if the officer under no grounds demands to search your vehicle then you have the right to decline. This is the same as answering leading questions. Of course, declining in a respectful tone is imperative but just know that you do have the right to remain silent until a lawyer is present.

Overall, as with most interactions in life you do far better with kindness but there is no doubt that it is a less than ideal situation. However, with a respectful tone and attitude, it should hopefully be a small blip in your day.


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