What to do if you may have a warrant out for your arrest

What to do if you may have a warrant out for your arrest 1

There may come situations where one finds themselves in potential trouble with the law and they may fear that at any point in time there could be an arrest in their imminent future. If this is something you or a loved one is facing, here is a quick guide on what can be done to avoid the stress of not knowing and possibly diverting arrest if need be.

Get in touch with a bail bondsman to do a search

If you are concerned about a possible warrant being out there, the first thing you can do is call a local bail bondsman to perform a search for you. Bail bondsman have access to databases that will allow you to know not only if you have a warrant but further details about what it is for. At this point, if you do in fact have a warrant out then you can proceed with the next proactive steps to avoid more severe issues.

If the charges are light, you may just be able to pay ahead of time

When you understand why you have a warrant out, if the charges are not too serious, you might be able to work with a bail bondsman to help negotiate the bond cost so that no arrest will need to take place. This is usually only an option for lesser crimes such as delinquent fines or possible criminal mischief but even slightly more serious crimes may still fall under this scope.

If charges are more severe, you can still see about changing the situation to your own terms

If you know that an arrest is imminent and there is no way to bypass it, you can still discuss the matter with a lawyer who can work with you to negotiate a surrender so that there are not any surprises and you have control about when you go in.

In conclusion, it may be worth it to get contact with bail bondsman sooner than later simply to see if a warrant is even out but if there is, just know that there are options and you don’t have to live in fear while waiting.


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