What to do if you get pulled over

No one likes getting pulled over but for someone who has never experienced it before, it can be pretty scary and intimidating. Here is a quick crash course on what to do to make sure that for the most part, it will be a non-event.

Remain in the car

When getting pulled over, for your safety as well as the police officers, make sure to remain in the car when speaking to the officers unless specifically asked to get out of it. This is so that you can communicate without any misinterpretation if you may be considered a threat in any way.

Avoid sudden movements

Keeping with the theme of keeping all parties safe, it is imperative that you refrain from any sudden movements and announce what you are doing with the officer. This is that so the officer knows that you are reaching for your wallet and not some sort of a weapon like a gun.

Comply with any request

Did the officer request your license and registration? Be respectful and get them what they ask for. While it may be understandable that you are angry or frustrated that you got pulled over but anger won’t do you any favors with the officer.

Know your rights

While it is very important to be respectful and avoid looking like any type of threat, it is also to your advantage to know your rights as well. You have the right to politely let the officer know that you prefer to remain silent if you feel that they may be asking any type if leading questions and if they ask to search your vehicle, you also have the right to say no to that as well.

Overall, while it can be an intimidating thing to go through, as long as you remain respectful and follow requests that the officer has, it does not need to be a scary experience.


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