What to do If You Get Arrested

Getting arrested is something you hardly expect will happen, but it is important to know what to do incase it ever does happens to you. From watching television and movies you know the basics, don’t say anything and ask for a lawyer. But there are many other steps you should follow if you ever get arrested. From what questions to ask your lawyer, to who to call, we will give you all the information you need to know to keep yourself safe and prepared.

Perhaps one of the most important things to remember to do if you get arrested is to not resist arrest or run. Resisting arrest will worsen your case and can potentially lead to physical harm. Even if you are not in the wrong, go along with the officers until you are in the right space with a lawyer to explain yourself. Running is looked at as a sign of guilt and will not result in your favor. No matter how scared or confused you are, do not run. Another important thing to remember is to not allow the police to search anything of yours without a warrant. If you are at your home when you get arrested, do not let police officers inside your home and do not step outside of your home, unless they have a warrant to search or for your arrest.

The next step is to ask for a lawyer. Even if you did not do anything wrong, it is important to wait to talk to police until you have a lawyer present. There are some questions a lawyer might not want you to answer. Once you have asked for a lawyer, know that the police are not supposed to be questioning you until your lawyer arrives. This is a common problem that people often do not know about. Once your lawyer arrives, there are a couple things to remember.

Talking to your lawyer is a sure way to cover yourself. Any questions you may have, make sure to ask. It is very important to make sure your lawyer knows everything that happened before your arrest and everything that has happened since. Something that might seem small and insignificant to you, might be a big deal in the eyes of the law, and only a lawyer can help you with that. Another important thing to remember is that the police do not have to tell you the truth. If they say something that doesn’t make sense or accuse you of something, do not react or respond until your lawyer gets there because they could be lying. Trust your lawyer and follow the system.

The next step in the process would be to be booked and appear for court. After your bail has been set, have a family member give us a call and we will work our hardest to get you out as soon as possible. Getting arrested can be a scary experience for the arrested and their families, which is why we try our best to make the process a little easier. If you need to bail a loved one out of jail give us a call 1-877-504-8688 or fill out our web form below to get started.


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