What mistakes to avoid when working with a bail bondsman

What mistakes to avoid when working with a bail bondsman 1

Working with a bail bondsman may be a completely foreign experience to many and while the process is relatively straightforward, there are some important things to not to avoid any issues when working with one. Here are the major points to keep in mind.

Not following bond conditions

Typically when a bond is set by the judge, it will also come with a set of rules that must be followed to keep in compliance with the release and these are known as bond or bail conditions. They are usually pretty common sense rules such as avoid traveling while awaiting your court date, avoid alcohol and drugs and may include other things such as mandatory check in or drug tests. If you defy any of the rules set in place, it could land you right back in jail and the bail bondsman at that point can revoke the bond.  

Providing incorrect of falsified information

When a bail bondsman decides to post bond for someone they go by the information provided to make a determination but if the information given is misleading or incorrect, it can skew the outcome and if it is found out that the information is false they could petition to be taken off the bond for breach of contract so it is important to give any information to the best of your ability and avoid anything that could be deemed as false or incorrect.

Not showing up to all scheduled court dates

This is probably the most important factor of all because it is literally what the bond is for but it is vital that the defendant show to all scheduled court sessions or if any issue occurs to promptly reschedule and communicate. For some there is a temptation to flee if they are possibly looking at a long sentence but the consequences can be steep. From losing bond money and owing more to additional charges added on top of the current ones, it is not worth it.

In the end, there really are not too many mistakes that can be made when it comes to working with a bail bondsman, as long as the person released is compliant and communicates as honestly as possible, the bail bondsman will always be happy to help and assist in getting the defendant released.


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