What it’s like to get pulled over for a DUI

What it’s like to get pulled over for a DUI 1

It has happened to us all at one time or another where you are at a party or out with friends and you weren’t expecting to drink but it just happens but now you have to figure out how to get home or what to do with your car. You may think you aren’t drunk maybe a bit buzzed but chancing it can come with huge consequences. Here are the things that await you if you get pulled over for suspicion of a DUI.

Field Sobriety test

If you end up getting pulled over by law enforcement, one of the first things that will happen is they will ask you for your license and registration then proceed to request a field sobriety test. You can decline this test but there are repercussions in doing so. It varies by state but typically you can have your license revoked for up to a year and can face fines and or arrest. A field sobriety test has three parts to it. The first is called a horizontal gaze nystagmus and it is used to check your eyes. An officer will place a pen or similar object at a specific angle and ask you to look at it. If the officer sees that your eye movements appear to be jerky, it is a good sign that you are intoxicated. The second test is used to see if you have the right state of mind to properly follow directions and walk normally. The officer will ask you to take steps with one foot in front of the other and then make a turn. They will be looking for any swaying and to see if you have any difficulty with the very specific directions. The final test and called the one-leg stand and it is basically you standing on one leg. This is to gauge your balance and see if there are any issues with standing in place,

Blood alcohol tests

In addition to the field sobriety test, law enforcement will want you to take a breathalyzer test to measure your blood alcohol level. This again is a test you can technically decline and some may do so in the hopes that time will make their BAC level go down, though this usually is not the case, usually declining to take the test just results in being arrested. When you take a breathalyzer test, you simply blow into a provided machine and it will tell the officer if your bac level is within legal limits.

The aftermath

When all is said and done and the officer determines you are not intoxicated, you will still most likely end up with a citation for the reason that caught the officer’s attention, to begin with. If however, the officer deems that you are in fact under the influence, then they will detain you and bring you to the station for booking.

To sum up, getting a DUI will cause anyone a lot of stress, time, and money. It is easy to think just chancing it is worth it but getting caught or even worse hurting yourself or someone else will have severe ramifications. Stay safe and use Uber or friends when needed.


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