Ways to leave a judge with a good impression

Ways to leave a judge with a good impression 1

During the time between being released from jail and awaiting the first scheduled trial, there Is an immense opportunity to not only gain insights while in limbo, but also make a strong impression with the judge during the arraignment. From how you dress to taking advantage of your time out, here are some ways to impress the judge.

Look for or keep employment

Employment can be a huge factor for a judge when deciding what type of consequence or sentence should be handed down. This is because a job symbolizes a person who is doing their part in society and contributing to the greater good. For this reason, if you are already employed, make sure to keep the job and do your best at it. If are currently unemployed, really put in the effort to find a job, it’s not always easy and a judge knows that but even putting in sustained effort in finding something will go a long way in the eyes of a judge.

Dress to impress (kind of)

When coming into a court hearing, you want to look put together but also serious. So while it is important to dress well, it is also important to dress conservatively. This means not bright, happy colors or bold prints. This is a time to look somber so that the court knows that you have spent time thinking about the charges and not just moving on without reflection. Think of the court hearing as a corporate job interview to have an idea of what style of dress to look for.


Just like having steady employment, volunteering shows a commitment to bettering the community and helping out those in need. Not only is this good for the soul and others but it also shows the judge that you want to do good and I might in return get you some leniency in terms of consequences from stemming charges.  

Keep out of trouble

Another reason why employment can be such a huge factor for a judge to decide on sentencing is because in addition to it showing growth and consistency, it also shows that the defendant is too busy doing something constructive to get into further trouble. Getting re-arrested while out on bond is never a good look and will only create further charges and harsher sentences. Beyond anything else, it is so incredibly important to just avoid anything that could jeopardize your bond conditions or put your freedom in danger.

To conclude, the judge is just wanting to see that the defendant has done things to improve not only their own lives but the ones around them as well. And if this is done in a respectful way, it can do nothing but help a defendant’s prospects of receiving a more lenient sentence.


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