Ways to ensure you don’t land back in jail while out on bond

Ways to ensure you don’t land back in jail while out on bond 1

After being released on bond, the last thing anyone ever wants is to end up being back in jail. However, it is not as easy as just staying out of trouble. During the period of being released from jail and waiting on the hearing, some active steps have to be made to avoid getting arrested again. Here is a breakdown of what has to be done.

Follow all bond conditions

Bond conditions are like a contract that a judge has you agree upon in exchange for being released. These are essentially rules that must be followed to be in compliance with the bond and can range from fairly standard criteria to more customized rules that go along with whatever the charges were. For the most part, common bond conditions include avoiding travel unless given specific permission and avoiding alcohol or any illegal substances. Some may require you to do drug tests or check-ins but everything must be followed through with in order to stay out of jail.

Stay in touch with your co-signer

A co-signer is also known as an indemnitor and it is someone who signs a contract with a bail bondsman with the defendant in order to pay for the bond. Because they sign as co-signer, they are financially liable if the defendant does not show up to all their scheduled court hearings. For this reason, most likely a co-signer is going to be checking in a lot. It may be a bit annoying or frustrating to have someone else keep tabs on you but it’s important not to hide or avoid them because they still have the power to get the bond revoked which will get you put back into custody.

Maintain your job and community ties

Jobs are probably one the best ways to make yourself look good in future hearings. Judges will always take into account how a defendant has spent their time while out on bond and if you have been able to keep steady employment, it not only shows that you are working to better society but also keeping out of trouble and improving yourself. If you don’t already have a job it may become a bond condition that you look for one and check in with the courts that you are doing so but if you have one, make sure to keep it while waiting for your hearing.

Show up to your hearing

The most important factor of all. The whole purpose of a bond is that it financially incentivizes the defendant into showing up to court and not showing up will not only land you back in jail, but it will also cost a lot of money and fewer options in the future. This is because when someone tries to flee, not only is a warrant issued if there have been no attempts at reaching out or trying to reschedule, but the cost of the bond paid has will be forfeited and the judge probably will not offer another opportunity to be released on bond when arrested again.  

To sum up, there are definitely things that have been kept up with after being released from jail, but overall just keeping in touch and staying out of any further trouble will do a lot to ensure that the brief stint in jail will be the only one.



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