Ways to deal with a possible outstanding warrant

Ways to deal with a possible outstanding warrant 1

For most people, the idea of having a warrant out for their arrest is one that understandably cause a great deal of anxiety. The dread of not knowing when or where it will happen or in some cases if a warrant even exists. It’s a situation that will make most feel powerless, but what they may not know is there are ways to become informed and gain back some control. If you or a loved one are dealing with a possible warrant, here are some things to do!

Talk with a bail bondsman in your area

When dealing with a potential warrant, the first thing anyone should do is call a local bail bondsman who can look it up. Bail bonds agencies have access to local court databases so they will be able to confirm if there is in fact a warrant that has been issued and if so, if there is a bond cost attached to it. Bonds are typically only attached to warrants where they were only issued due to things such as unpaid parking tickets but there can be other more minor circumstances as well. If a bond it attached to the warrant then most like you can work with a bail bondsman and pay the bond to avoid being arrested at all. You will still need to appear in court for any scheduled hearings to avoid having the bond forfeited but avoiding being detained is always a huge relief.

Steps to take if you have a warrant

If a bond is not attached to the warrant because it was issued as a part of a criminal investigation or because the defendant did not show up to their promised court dates then unfortunately that means that there is most likely now way to avoid being detained however by knowing this you can still potentially work with a lawyer to help negotiate the terms of surrender to avoid the stress and anxiety of not knowing when an arrest occur.

Overall, with the help of a bail bondsman and some proactive steps, you don’t have to walk around in fear. There are steps that can be taken to reclaim some control of the situation and possibly avoid arrest altogether.



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