Useful Information to know about Bail Bondsmen

Useful Information to know about Bail Bondsmen 1

When it comes to arrests and everything that comes with it, it can be scary, overwhelming and many may feel lost at what to do. This is especially so for loved ones who are frantically trying to get their loved ones released as quickly as possible. If this will be your first time working with a bail bondsman you may have questions on anxieties on how to pick the best company to work for and what you need to do it. To help, here are some of the basics to know about bail bondsmen.

States dictate the rates

As with most industries, it is quite common to want to shop around for the best prices, especially when a significant amount of money is involved. However, with bail bonds you are not bound to find better deals the more you search. This is because each state actually decides on what percentage a bail bonds agency can charge on bond and that percentage is typically 10%. For bargain hunters this may be disappointing but it should also give some ease because you know you won’t find cheap at other places or the person you chose is more expensive. It is also good to know this because if someone is offering to cut you a deal or go significantly lower than 10% then you know that it is too good to be true and most likely not legitimate.

Bail bondsmen will always be licensed

One really important thing to know is that all bail bonds agencies have to go through proper education and steps to get a license to operate in the state where they are located. This is done so that they have all knowledge needed about how the court systems and more specifically the bond system works to help their clients in the most efficient and helpful way possible. Any bail bondsman should be more than happy to show you their license if asked and if they don’t have one, it means that they are running their business illegally.

Have the basic information on hand

When first getting in contact with a bail  bonds agency, it is I helpful to have some information already collected and prepared since it is a guarantee they will ask about these things. Not only is it extremely helpful to know the person’s inmate number as well as the facility that they are located at but but just even having basic information such as name, address, and phone number will make the process quicker. They will also most likely ask about details in regards to charges and previous arrests as well.

Bond has to be set before a bail bondsman can do anything

The last aspect to keep in mind is that it will take some time before bond will actually be set. The defendant has to first go through the booking process and then it can take another 24-48 hours to attend a bond hearing. It is after this point that bond could actually be paid for. The good thing however is once that is done, the release of your loved one should come pretty quickly.


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