Typical Bond Conditions

Typical Bond Conditions 1

When judges decide on what to set a bond as for a defendant in regards to the charges brought against them, one other main factor that they think about is bond conditions. Bond conditions, like probation, are sets of rules that the defendant must follow while that they are out on bail. Violations of these rules for any reason could land them right back in jail. There are many types of conditions that can be made that address the charges brought forth but here are some of the most common ones.

No drugs or alcohol

It is incredibly common for the judge to mandate that a defendant abstains from any alcohol or drugs of both the legal and illegal variety. This is especially true in instances where the charges stem from any type of possession or substance-related crime such as DUIs. Compliance is usually done through mandatory drug tests.

Mandatory Employment

Judges put a lot of stock into how a defendant acts while out on release and one of the biggest things that hold weight with them is employment. If you have a job and stay with it then it really makes you look more committed and responsible which can help your oval case. In the instance that a defendant does not have a job, then most likely they will require that you sign up for a workforce placement service. These services will help you find a position based on your skillset.

Travel Restrictions

The entire point of bond is to ensure that a defendant does not flee before their scheduled court hearing. For this reason, travel restrictions are pretty much-guaranteed bond conditions. Unless for special circumstances, such as getting permission to travel due to work, most defendants are not able to travel out of state and sometimes out of the city until they have attended all hearings and a verdict has been made.

Restraining Orders

When it comes to the safety of any potential victims, the judge takes this very seriously and when there is a situation in which violence or harassment has occurred, the judge will typically require that the defendant has no contact with any victim. When this bond condition is violated for any reason, it is essentially a guarantee that the defendant will be going back to jail.

Pre-trail officers for compliance

These officers are very similar to probation officers with the only real difference being that they help ensure compliance before a trial instead of after. These officers will be in charge of things like drug tests and employment compliance and they can either visit the defendant or require the defendant to come to them for check-ins.


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