No matter what time of the year it is, holidays are celebrated by those around the world. With spirits high and alcohol involved, it is common that things can get out of hand. Make sure you and those around you are balancing their alcohol intake with food and water, and of course, make sure no one gets in the driver’s seat when going anywhere. We made this infographic to go over a few crucial holiday’s that can cause more harm than you may think.

New Year’s is a holiday celebration that is frequently looked at as the most alcohol consumed holiday. While that might be true, it is the most self aware holiday as well, with people taking taxis, Uber’s, and using designated drivers to make sure they get home safe. Because people know they will be drinking, they plan our their night, which is what makes the holiday more safe than others.

Holidays such as Christmas and Independence Day are commonly alcohol related. However,  they are mostly holidays that involve other activities besides drinking, which can make it seem like you are not consuming as much alcohol as you actually are. Remember to stay hydrated and eat food regularly to ensure a balanced day and, more importantly, always have a way to get home.

More seldom drinking holidays such as Thanksgiving and Labor Day are very dangerous because people do not usually realize they are drinking as much, and they do not see these holiday’s as alcohol related. Which is why this holiday can be deadly for so many. Always make sure to have a plan, whether it is a designated driver, or another way of transportation to get home safely.

Check out our alcohol related fatalities infographic. We break down each holiday so that you don’t become a statistic yourself. Remember to stay safe during the holiday season and please drink responsibly. If you have any questions or need to bail someone out, give us a call 877-504-8688