The Various Types of Bonds Available

When one deals with bail bonds, there is the assumption that only two types exist. Cash bonds and surety bonds but this is reality is only the most common. In addition to these, there is actually a different kind of bond just for immigration and then even ones that require no money at all. Here is a rundown of the various kinds of bonds you can encounter.

Surety bond

A surety bond is the type of bond that you would get when you employ the services of a bail bondsman. To use this type of bond, the defendant pays the bail bondsman 10% of the bail cost and then the bail bondsman will act as an insurer to the courts taking responsibility for the defendant and making sure they show up to their scheduled court hearings.

Cash Bond

A Cash bond is when you pay for your bail in full without the help of any services to bail you out. Of course, after the trial concludes you will have that money returned minus any court fees but it tends to be more than most people have on hand.

Citation Release

A citation release is almost more of a promise than a bail bond simply because you are actually never arrested or taken into custody in the first place. For low priority offenses such as traffic violations, the police officer will write a citation that will give you a time to go to court but beyond that, you are free to go on your way without the money needed until after the hearing.

Personal Recognizance

Just like a citation release, a personal recognizance bond is more a promise than an actual bail bond. However, this is a promise made after actually being detained. A personal recognizance bond is a promise directly to the court stating that you will arrive as promised to your hearing. Once again, this only tends to be an option for less severe crimes.


Immigration bonds are bonds only used in cases dealing with illegal immigrants. These come with a strict set of rules and are harder to obtain but possible if met in the right circumstances.


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