The good and bad of cash and surety bonds

The good and bad of cash and surety bonds 1

Bail bonds come in many forms from property bonds to immigration but by far the two most used types of bonds are called cash bonds and surety bonds. Cash bond are usually self-funded and paid directly to the courts after bond is set whole surety bonds are negotiated through a bail bondsman. Which is the best for your situation? Read below for help to figure it out.

With cash bonds, you will get your money back

Cash bonds are bonds that the defendant will pay the amount a judge sets directly to the courts. The requires all the money upfront but the biggest benefit of this is that the money is something of a placeholder. If the defendant shows up to court as promised, then that money will be returned. However, it can take several months for this money to be returned so it’s important that it is money that won’t place financial burdens in the meantime. 

Surety bonds only require a percentage of the bond cost

The main benefit of surety bonds is that for most it is the most accessible to be released. This is because unlike a cash bond that requires the entire bond to be paid upfront, a surety bond usually only needs about 10% of the cost paid. The caveat with this however is that this 10% is considered a service fee for using a bail bondsman so the money will not be refunded after the case has concluded.

Surety bonds mean having another party involved

One possible drawback for some regarding surety bonds is that the defendant will not only need to report to the courts in terms of leaving designated areas or following bond conditions but will also need to do this with a bail bondsman as well given that they will also be invested in the defendant making it to court and staying out of trouble.

You will still lose some money with cash bonds

While it is true that people who pay cash bonds will get their money back if they show up to court, one thing that is rarely talked about however is that any fines, fees or restitutions will be automatically deducted from this money before it is returned. This can have a huge impact if the defendant was not expecting this and unfortunately there is no way to circumvent this.

 In the end, it is really a personal choice as to which direction will be best for the defendant but in many cases it will really come down to what resources are available and how long you can live without them.


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