Shoplifting Laws in California

“Shoplifting isn’t a big deal, right?”

Unfortunately, shoplifting can come with a price if you have a history of theft. In today’s post we’re going to take a closer look at shoplifting laws in California. Specifically Penal Code 459.5. And see the impact this minor crime could have on you and your loved ones. By the books this is what penal code looks like,

Penal Code 459.5 PC reads : “(a) . . [S]hoplifting is defined as entering a commercial establishment with intent to commit larceny while that establishment is open during regular business hours, where the value of the property that is taken or intended to be taken does not exceed nine hundred fifty dollars ($950). Any other entry into a commercial establishment with intent to commit larceny is burglary. Shoplifting shall be punished as a misdemeanor, except that a person with one or more prior convictions for an offense specified in clause (iv) of subparagraph (C) of paragraph (2) of subdivision (e) of Section 667 or for an offense requiring registration pursuant to subdivision (c) of Section 290 may be punished pursuant to subdivision (h) of Section 1170.”

Shoplifting Laws in California

What does this mean for California residents? Here we’re going to break it down. This is what happens when you are caught shoplifting.

Shoplifting in CA

As you can see the monetary amount of stolen property. And your criminal history do play a part the charges against you. As well as the intent. Shoplifting is outlined as: entering a place of business during business hours with the intent to steal. This is different from petty theft which does not include the intent to steal upon entering the business. Each and every case is different and because of this we recommend seeking professional help when charged with a shoplifting offense.

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