SB10: What it means for California Bail

SB10: What it means for California Bail

On August 28th Governor Jerry Brown signed the SB10 bill to eliminate money bail in California. Now because of its profound impact on the bail industry. We thought it was necessary to address how this will impact the industry. As well, as give you insight to Senate Bill 10 and what it means to you. Let’s begin by taking a closer look at SB10.

What Does SB10 Mean?

Under Senate Bill 10 (now known as the California Money Bail Reform Act). California will replace its money bail system with “risk assessments” of individuals. Removing bail the bill seeks to install nonmonetary conditions of release. While the parameters are not yet defined many are speculating this will include parameters like ankle monitors as means of tracking “higher risk” defendants. Although, as we have said, the parameters are not yet specified.

Counties will establish local agencies to evaluate any individual arrested. These evaluations will help determine their likelihood of returning for court hearings. And their chances of re-arrest.

Scheduled to come into effect October 2019. Under SB10 defendants will be required to undergo a “pretrial risk assessment,”. In which a court will decide if the accused could be released on bail. This will ultimately remove money from the system. For a more in depth look at the bill in its entirety you can view it on California’s Legislative site.

The Future of California Bail

While these changes threaten the existence of bail that couldn’t be further from reality. The bail industry in California is still going strong. And it is suspected that there will be a lot of changes made before the bill comes into effect – if it comes into effect at all. The bail industry and community in California is still hard at work and available to you and your loved ones. At  Martinez Family Bail Bonds we will continue to serve our family, friends and community faithfully. In fact, we are standing by to take your call!

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