SB10 Reform: What’s Next?

On August 28th Governor Jerry Brown signed the SB10 bill to eliminate money bail in California. This bill was set to take effect beginning October 2019. Which would leave those that rely and work in the bail bond industry short on options. While this reform was met with excitement and rallied overwhelming support in the beginning it seems the tides have changed. There have been reports that groups and individuals who once supported SB10 have since changed their stance. And now stand to repeal SB10.

SB10 Reform: What’s Next?

Currently, people are rallying together to repeal the bill. As of now, signatures are being verified and if viable support was raised. SB10 could very well be repealed. Which would help secure the future of the bail bond industry in California. If you or a loved one works in the bail bond industry or relies on this industry. We recommend staying informed and get involved with the process of speaking up and supporting the bail bond industry.

While these changes threaten the existence of bail that couldn’t be further from reality. The bail industry in California is still going strong. And it is suspected that there will be a lot of changes made before the bill comes into effect – if it comes into effect at all. The bail industry and community in California is still hard at work and available to you and your loved ones. At  Martinez Family Bail Bonds we will continue to serve our family, friends and community faithfully. In fact, we are standing by to take your call!

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