Overcoming anxieties associated with arrest

Overcoming anxieties associated with arrest 1

Being arrested is probably one of the most stressful things that can happen to a person just because there is very little control during the process and especially so if you have never arrested before. But while we can all acknowledge that it is a difficult time, there are some ways to limit the impact on your emotional and physical health. Here are some things to think about.

Make a checklist

The beginning of an arrest is when you will have the most things to do and it can be overwhelming. From being booked to calling loved ones, figuring out bail and then hiring a lawyer or public defender, one can feel like there is just too much which is why breaking it all down into a checklist can be helpful. Once the bail aspect is taken care of, take a beat then start looking for lawyers. If you can focus on one task at a time and just stay focused on that one task then you are able to systematically get things done without having to think about the next step while trying to complete what you are currently doing.

Stay on track with bail conditions

This is probably the most important one not just from an anxiety aspect but really and everything stance. Bond conditions are rules handed down by the judge when negotiating release that make sure that the defendant is staying in compliance. These rules are typically about where one can travel, possible check-ins and making sure to avoid drugs and alcohol. It is so important to follow these rules for one’s own mental wellbeing because defying them leaves the defendant vulnerable to being re-detained at any time which is a huge weight of stress.

Grow from the incident

As with any difficult life situation, there are always lessons to be learned and in part it makes the experience as a whole seem less random. It may have been a series of unfortunate events that led to an arrest but even then, if you can take something away from the experience than the stress involved tends to be more worth it. This could be anything from understanding how the court system works to completely turning one’s life around if going down a wrong path. Sometimes the best things can come out of overcoming difficulties.

This too shall pass

And the last thing that can be of great comfort when dealing with a stressful time is to know that it is not permanent and that things will eventually get better. It is difficult to fathom when in the midst of it but seeing the light at the end of the tunnel allows many to endure a little bit longer to get in the place of better days.


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