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When you need to find a bail bond company in Modesto or Stanislaus County look no further than Martinez Family Bail Bonds (learn more about this location). Not only do we have the experience to help you understand and walk through the bail bond process. As a family run business we believe in treating everyone we encounter with the respect and care we would want done to our family members and loved ones. The bail process doesn’t have to be complicated.

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We understand that bad things can happen to good people. If you’re looking for a Modesto bail bond company that will treat you with respect and professionalism contact our qualified team today! We can be reached either by phone or through our easy to use online form.

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Posting Bail in Stanislaus County: What You Need to Know

If you’re new to the bonding process we understand it can seem intimidating. Fortunately, with our help you don’t have to be an expert or study the in’s and out’s of the law to know what to do. When you’re trying to post bail for a friend or family member we understand you want the easiest and quickest solution possible. This is the information you will need when preparing to post bail using bail bonds in Modesto:

  • The Defendants Full Name
  • The City, State and Name of the Jail where they’re being held
  • If possible also see if you can get the defendants booking number

While having the booking number will make the whole process easier and faster if you forget or don’t have their booking number, one of our bail bond agents can look it up. The booking number helps us to contact the jail or institution quickly. If you don’t have the defendants booking number, don’t worry! We will still be able to help you and get your friend, family member or loved on home where they belong in no time!

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If you still have questions about posting bail or the bonding process our team is standing by today! You can reach them by phone or by simply filling out our online contact form. We understand the urgency and desire for discretion during difficult times like these. You can count on our team to treat you like family and to help you get the answers you need.