When you’re new to the bail bond process and posting bail chances are you have a lot of questions. A very common question we see asked is, “Is the cost of bail negotiable?” In today’s post we’re going to address that question and help you to understand a little more about why and how bail is set. In order to better understand the bail process, let’s begin!

“Is the Cost of Bail Negotiable?”

The short answer: no, the cost of bail is not negotiable. This is because the amount of bail is set by law and or a judge or magistrate. And there are a number of factors that come into play to determine the cost of bail. For example, the defendants history and whether or not they are a repeat offender. The severity of the offense and whether it was a violent or domestic offense will also determine the cost of bail.

“Can You Negotiate the Cost of a Bail Bond?”

Another question surrounding bail is whether or not the cost of a bail bond can be negotiated. The answer to this question is, no. The cost of a bail bond cannot be negotiated because the percentage bail bondsmen can charge is set by law. In the state of California the law dictates that a bail bond must be 10% of the cost of bail. If a bail bond agency were to offer a lower percentage they could lose their license. And no longer be permitted to act as a bail bond agent.

Now, while they cannot change the percentage of bail most bail bond agencies will charge a premium fee. This fee can vary from agency to agency but is usually kept low or similar to other agencies for competitive reasons.

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