Let’s Talk About Crime and Deportation

Crime and deportation are a very serious matter, especially in California. As a bail bonds company, it is something we deal with often. While deportation is something that affects a lot of people, families, and companies. It can be astonishing to see the actual numbers on the matter, but let’s start with the removal process.

The removal process begins with the Department of Homeland Security issuing the non-citizen a Notice to Appear, or NTA. This document states the name and country in which the person was born, and orders said person to appear before an immigration judge. The judge will give this person some general information such as why they are being ordered to appear, how they broke the law or violated their immigration status, their right to an attorney, and the consequences of not appearing in court. Not appearing in court for the status of immigration violation could result in deportation.

Besides knowing the laws of crime and deportation, it is important to know the numbers behind the scene. We gave you this infographic to show you the actual numbers of deportation statistics. It includes everything you need to know about Crime and Deportation in California. All of the numbers in this infographic are from 2016. If you have any questions on deportation, or need to bail someone out of jail, give us a call 877-504-8688 or fill out the form below.