Important Facts About Bail Bonds

Important Facts About Bail Bonds 1

When dealing with bail bonds, unless you have had any type of run-in with the law or dealt with it through supporting a friend or family member, the whole process can seem confusing and overwhelming. To help understand some of the fundamental aspects here is some of the main facts to know in regard to bail bonds.

Bond is not always available

One of the main things that may surprise some people when going through the arrest process is that not everyone is actually eligible for bail. While most will be, there are definitely instances where bond will not be offered. Some examples would be terrorism charges, charges that are particularly violent in nature or really any situation when the release of the defendant could be construed as a danger to themselves or others. Another reason that bond could be revoked would be if this is the second arrest for the same charge. If the defendant has been arrested while out on bond already the chances that a judge will offer bond again decrease significantly.

Judges Will Look At Certain Criteria to Decide On Bond

If a judge does decide to offer bond, they will usually do so after taking into account several factors to decide what the bond cost should be set at. The main thing they will look at is if the defendant has any previous record, what the severity of the charge is against them and is there a high risk that they will skip out on their bail. Past history will be important to look at but most important will be the current charges. If the defendant is dealing with a misdemeanor most likely the cost of bond will be far lower than that of a felony. But quite possibly the most heavily weighed factor would be the flight risk. The main point of bail is to assure the defendant will come back to court after being released but if the defendant has a lot of resources to flee or is from a different state the cost of bond will be higher because an aspect of trust has to be there.

Surety and Cash Bonds Are The Most Common Types Of Bonds

When a bond is set, the vast majority of people will go for one of two options: A surety bond or a cash bond. A cash bond is when a person chooses to pay the entirety of the bond and in return to showing up to their scheduled hearing will receive a refund of their bond minus any fees or fines. It’s important to know that it can take up to 6 months for this money to be returned so if it will cause significant financial distress to be without the amount then a surety may be the better option. A surety bond is the type of bond where you work with a bail bondsman. These bonds only cost about 10% of the bond cost upfront but the catch is that it is not refundable. Surety bonds, however, tend to be the most accessible type of bonds that let people have the option to be released.

In the end, while the process of bail bonds may seem daunting it is actually a relatively simple process with a lot of guidance. So if you or a loved one are in need of a bail bond in the Modesto area, give us a call and we will be there to help!


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