How to handle an arrest

If you never had a run-in with the law before and unexpectedly get arrested, you may have no idea how to handle it. Most people understand the very fundamentals in regards to remaining silent and obeying the commands of the law enforcement officer but there are few other things that should be known. Here is a quick overview to help you through the process and be prepared.

Probably one of the biggest things to remember is that it is very important to comply with the officer. Not only can resisting arrest land you with another charge but it can also put your life at risk if the arresting officer may believe that you are a threat and other’s lives may be in danger. It is best to take this opportunity to either calmly explain yourself to the officer or just remain silent. If you decide to run or panic it can be seen as an admission of guilt which could cause problems and misunderstandings.

The next thing to do is to request a lawyer. You can either hire one yourself or the courts will provide you with a public defender. Even if you know that everything is a misunderstanding or the charges against you are completely wrong, it still may be best to remain silent until a lawyer is present to help guide you from saying anything that could be considered hurtful to your case. One thing to note, in an effort to know your rights, the police do not have the right to question you until have obtained a lawyer and they are present.

Once you have a lawyer, explain everything to them is as much detail as you possibly can. They can help pick out what will help and hurt our case. Even small details that may not seem like a big deal can make or break your chances of charges being dropped.

The final step is the booking process and then a bond hearing. At this point, if you need a bail bondsman to help negotiate your release we are more than happy to help. Also if you have any questions at all about the whole arrest process, we are here!


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