How to deal with outstanding warrants

How to deal with outstanding warrants 1

Trying to run from an outstanding warrant can be a hugely stressful endeavor in which you never know when and where you could be arrested. This stress alone makes most people feel completely powerless but depending on the reason for the warrant, you may have more power to control the outcome then you think. Here are a few things to look into that could possibly help you avoid an actual arrest.

Check to see if a warrant exists

One of the first steps to do to take action is to contact your local bail bondsman company and tell them that you want to confirm if there is a warrant out for your arrest. Bail bonds agencies have databases they can search through to see as well as what the warrant is for. Warrants are usually issued for one of three different reasons. The first being a defendant did not arrive at their scheduled court date which triggered a judge to issue a bench warrant. The other reasons are that you are a suspect for a criminal case but this can only be issued after an investigation has occurred and the last reason would be too many outstanding tickets. Most scenarios will give you some hint that a warrant is out there but it may come as a surprise if you had not been paying attention to tickets or citations.

What to do if there is a warrant

I the bail bond company does in fact find a warrant, then you have a few options but first and foremost you should get in contact with a lawyer as soon as possible. If the warrant is a bench warrant or four outstanding tickets then you may be able to work with a bail bondsman to help negotiate with the courts to pay the fines and bonds associated with the warrant to avoid an actual arrest. You will still be required to show for any court hearings but you can possibly spend any time in jail. If the warrant is in relation to a criminal investigation then it is best to work with a lawyer to see if they can negotiate the terms of surrender so that you can still have some aspect of control an arrest won’t occur at a time that is embarrassing or inopportune.

To sum up, a warrant may seem very unnerving and scary but there are options out there to get ahead of it so that the worst-case scenario doesn’t have to occur.


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