How Immigration Bonds Are Different

When we typically think of bail bonds, the most common are either a cash bond where you post your own bail by paying the full amount yourself or a surety bond where you hire the services of a bail bondsman to negotiate your release for about 10% of the bond cost. But did you know that when a crime is dealing with a person who is in the country illegally, that an entirely different type of bond is needed? When the court is dealing with an illegal immigrant, whether or not the charge actually has anything to do with immigration, the only type of bond available will be an immigration bond. So what makes an immigration bond different? Well there are just a few more rules and restrictions. Here is a breakdown.

You cannot post bond for yourself

One of the main differences between traditional bail bonds and an immigration bail bond is who can post bond. In traditional formats, essentially anyone could post the bond from a family member or the defendant themselves. However, when it comes to immigration bonds, the option of self-posting is taken away. One can only get a friend or family member to post, which leads us into the other aspect of posting restrictions.

Only a US citizen can post bail

While under normal circumstances, anyone who is of legal age and has the resources can post bail for someone, this is not the case when it comes to immigration bonds. With these types of bonds, the person posting must be a US citizen. This may be difficult if the defendant is an immigrant and all their family members are not yet citizens as well. In this case, you would either need a close friend or will have no choice but to look for the services of a bail bondsman who is willing to take on the defendant to negotiate a release.

Not all bail bonds companies offer immigration bonds

One of the most difficult aspects of immigration bonds may be the fact that they are just overall not as easily attainable as a surety bond. If the defendant is in a situation where they have no one who can afford to pay the full amount of bail, then a bail bondsman would be needed but the issue is that many bail bonds companies do not offer immigration bonds just because the flight risk tends to be higher as well as an increased amount of rules and restrictions. This does not, however, mean all bail bonds companies are not able to help. If you have questions, please feel free to ask!


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