How an arrest for an armed serviceman is different

When someone has a run-in with the law, it can always be a really intimidating feeling, but if you are someone who is in the armed services, it’s a bit more intense because there are not only the issues in regards to the law and what punishment will come from that but there are also several codes within the military that is strictly enforced and there will most likely be consequences there on top of whatever civilian laws are broken. Here is a breakdown of what makes it different when you are a person who is enlisted as opposed to a civilian.

Legal Assistance

While there are many negative consequences to dealing with the law in regards to enlistment, one actual benefit would be that many times people in service can qualify for legal assistance. It’s to be noted that the law in general states that the government will provide a public defender if need be but the assistance provided would be for a private lawyer to assist with your case.

Court date leniency

The courts understand that people in the military are often abroad and because of that, there is a lot of leniency in regards to court date hearings. If you are going to be out of the state or country, most likely the judge will allow for a reschedule without too much hassle but unfortunately, this is purely for military-related incidents but personal issues will be more difficult to reschedule.

Being Demoted

One of the major ways that an arrest could impact someone’s military career is the possibility of losing rank. This is something that of course only happens with more severe infractions but it is something that is most definitely a possibility. Depending on the seriousness of the crime, there can be other punishments because conduct both in and out of uniform is of the utmost importance and any actions that can bring the military into a bad light will not go unchecked. If someone were to lose rank, it doesn’t always mean they won’t climb back up again but it is something to be aware of when making decisions.

Discharged for misconduct

And finally, the most extreme consequence is saved for the most extreme circumstances but if the military deems it necessary, a person could be dishonorably discharged from service. Again, this is not something that happens in all cases but there certainly are situations where this does happen.


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