Getting arrested while in a different state

Getting arrested while in a different state 1

In the best of situations, being arrested is a scary and stressful experience but when you top that with being on vacation in a completely different state then the stress, inconvenience, and hassles are greatly compounded. Here is an overview of what to expect if you get arrested while in a different state.

The worse the charges, the more of a hassle it will be

This is one of many instances where the more severe the charges are against a defendant, the more life-impacting the entire process is going to be. This is because when someone is charged with a misdemeanor, they have a lot more leniency in regard to physical attendance. With misdemeanors, you can often hire the services of a local lawyer to be your proxy in a hearing so that you do not have to be physically present. This allows you to take responsibility and properly show up for your hearings while not having to take time off work or book a plane ticket back to make it to court. When it comes to felonies however, this is not an option and your physical presence is required. This is obviously a huge disadvantage to a defendant’s time and money.

Leaving the state won’t get you off the hook

To some, it may seem tempting to just see if you can get away from the issue by fleeing the state and just going home but it’s not that easy and there are serious consequences to doing this. This is because even though states and even jurisdictions vary around the country, they all still work together on some level. So if you run out on bail from a state and go back to your home state, the state in where you got arrested can contact the jurisdiction in your home state and have you sent back but this will make your fines and additional charges grow so you can face having to pay a lot more money or potentially jail time in which you not have had any before.

Bail is the only option

The final thing to discuss is that the option of personal recognizance is rarely if ever offered to out-of-state offenders because they are automatically considered a flight risk due to the ease of having a place to go to avoid jurisdiction and not having to show up to court. Because of this being offered bond is usually the only way to be released while awaiting a hearing.  

To sum up, there is no way in getting around the fact that it is far more life upending to be arrested while out-of-state  but the severity of the charges, following the rules and just owning up to promises will make the whole process go a lot smoother.


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