Dos and Don’ts While Out on Bail

When being released, one may wonder, “What’s Next?” What can and can’t you do while out on bail? Do you just have to sit at home and not move the whole time? Well, not really! Here are some simple Dos and Don’ts to keep in mind when out on bail.

DO communicate with your bail bondsman

Unless deemed a flight risk or it is specifically stated as terms of release, you should still be able to leave the city or even state but no matter what always remember to stay in communication with your bail bonds agent when making any travel plans so that they are properly updated.

DO appear in court

To avoid any issues that could land you back in jail, make sure that appearing at your court appearances is first priority. If you do happen to miss an appearance however, just be sure to let your bail bondsman know.

DO enjoy time with your family

It’s understandable that things can be stressful while everything gets worked out but spend as much time with family as you can, it’s good for the spirit.

DON’T get into trouble while on bail

If someone is out on bail and they get arrested again, it will be a very hard to be granted bail again. It’s really important to stay out of trouble during this time.

DON’T hang out with bad influences

Put yourself and your safety first. Don’t risk violating the terms of your release by getting caught up with someone else’s misdeeds.

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