For anyone who is vaguely familiar with how the bail process works you may find yourself wondering, “Do minors have the right to bail?” Especially, if a friend or a family member has been recently arrested. In today’s post we’re going to answer a common question regarding juvenile arrests. We hope that this post will help you see how this facet of the justice system works.

Do Minors Have the Right to Bail?

In short, no. Juveniles will not have the right to bail because they are typically 1. Released to a parent or guardian or 2. The hearing is scheduled as quickly as possible after the arrest.

Now, when a minor is released to their parent or guardian, the parent or guardian is responsible for the minor appearing in court. Now, because of this accountability a minor does not have the right to bail because in the juvenile justice system there is seldom the need to guarantee a minor will appear in court and not flee the country. After all, while between the ages of 10-17 it is incredibly difficult to skip town unnoticed.

Juvenile Arrests on the Downturn

Fortunately, California has been seeing a steady downturn of juvenile arrests. In the last ten years minor arrest rates have been steadily decreasing. Resulting in fewer arrests and juveniles requiring detention. All in all a good report of the people of California.

Minor Crime Downturn

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