The arrest and booking process can get confusing if you are not around it every day. Knowing what you are allowed to do while in jail and knowing what the process will include is something that can help the situation of a detainee or the ones trying to bail someone out. Check out this California arrest and booking process to see the full break down of what happens and when it happens.

The booking process starts with the detainee being searched for anything illegal, followed by personal belongings being cataloged and retained. This means that a detainee will have no access to their money or cell phones while in jail. Detainees will also be fingerprinted, go through a background check and a warrant check.

Phone calls in jail are something that most people find very confusing. Phone calls can be limited and detainees might not be able to use when they need to. If someone calls you from jail, make sure to get as much information from them as you can, since you do not know when they will be able to contact you again, and detainees cannot receive any calls.

The process of setting bail is often different from situation to situation. Depending on what time of day someone was arrested, and what they were arrested for could change how fast a bail is set. When bail is finally set, it will take a few hours, sometimes more, for the information to be set in the jail system, which means it could take longer to bail someone out.

Here is everything you need to know about the arrest and booking process in California. If your friend or family member has recently been arrested, than this infographic is great to help you understand their rights and assist them in what to do during this process. If you have any questions on what to do during this time, or if you are looking some assistance in acquiring bail bonds, than give us a call at 877-504-8688 or contact us online!