Avoid being a victim of a bail bond scam


Avoid being a victim of a bail bond scam 1

When we get the call that a family member or loved one is arrested, all we care about is getting them out of the situation as soon as possible but unfortunately some out there see this panic and vulnerability and try to take advantage of it. While most bail bondsmen are completely fine to work with, there are sadly some that may not have your best interest at heart which is why we have compiled some easy ways to make sure you stay safe.

Be wary of solicitors

If a bail bondsman is coming up to you especially near a jail and offering you their services, this is a massive red flag. Bail bondsman should not be doing this and it is most likely a scam to quickly get you to part with your money. If someone comes up to you like this just say no and walk the other way.

Real bail bondsmen are licensed

Legally one cannot operate as a bail bondsman without a license so one the first things you can do if you feel suspicious is to ask to see their license. Most bail bondsman will either already have it displayed or can easily access it to show you.

No discounts

Every state that uses bail bonds actually regulates the percentage that a bail bondsman can charge on a bond which is usually around 10%. This means that there should not be many differences in price between different bail bondsman and it mean if someone says they can do it for 5% that they are either not legitimate or they are doing so illegally.

Always check out reviews

Reviews are always a great way to get a feeling of what it will be like working with a particular bail bondsman and it will also show a lot about trust, Google reviews especially are important and a valuable asset.

In conclusion, if you follow these tips, it will become very clear what a scammer looks like but in reality it is a pretty rare situation but it is always best to be armed with knowledge to stay protected.


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